2010 – Paths of memory

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15 DOC | May 14


Paths of memory

Regia | Director Jose Luis Peñafuerte 
Fotografia | Photography Rémon Fromont Ella Van Den Hove Louis-Philippe Capelle Pierre Gordower 
Montaggio | Editing Sandrine Deegen 
Produzione | Production company Man’s Film 
Belgium, Spain, 2009, 91′ spagnolo, sottotitoli in italiano e in inglese |Spanish with Italian and English subtitles

Franco’s victims, since the recent opening of all archive materials regarding his regime, break the silence at last. Names, faces and lives reveal their secrets and plunge the audience back into one of bloodiest period of the history of Western Europe. Memory rehabilitation takes us through a breathtaking process, encountering the XXth century’s darkest ghosts.

July 18-25, GAM – Complesso monumentale Sant’Anna

JURY’S STATEMENT – This documentary reveals what happened to large numbers of political dissidents during Franco’s reign. It forces us to examine whether it is desirable to bury forever the memory of tragic events.

Robert Cahen – Video artist
Franco D’Agostino – Professor at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Kevin Dwyer – Anthropologist, American university at Cairo
Carol Mansour – Director
Tessa Calenda Rosenfeld – Artist and writer