2014 – Kosma

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15 DOC | May 28



regia | director Sonja Blagojevic
fotografia | photogrpher Sonja Blagojevic
montaggio | editing Nemanja Babic, Sonja Blagojevic
produzione | production Center for Visual Communications KVADRAT
Serbia, 2013, 75’, Serbo, sottotitoli in inglese e italiano | Serbian with italian and english subtitles

For ten years now, the KOSMA radio network is the only thing connecting highly isolated Serbian communities in Kosovo. In this place laden with rich and vivid history and tradition, the radio voices bear witness to everyday life, human connections, significant events and ever-present hope.

June 22-26, Cantieri culturali alla Zisa

JURY’S STATEMENT – Beyond the politically correct discourses, the documentary seduces for the originality of the story and the way of telling it. It stands for the originality through which it transmits, thanks to images, the vitality of a media using sound as the only tool gathering people in a strongly “medialized” world. Radio connects people. Kosma radio, more than television, becomes thus a means to express a breath of  freedom and  remarkable identities,  everything reported lively and lightly. The rhythm of editing is stressed and emphasized by the music. It is a huge expression of the Slavic roots that translates the pain of a minority.

Francesco Bonsembiante – Director and cinema historian
Roberto Cortellazzo Wiel – Collector and president of Fondazione TRA
Frédéric d’Agay – Historian and sociologist
Daria Galateria – Professor of French literature, University of Rome “La Sapienza”
Eric Ravelo – Sculptor, painter and media artist
Tobia Scarpa – Architect and designer