2016 – A walnut tree

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15 DOC | June 9

2020/06/09 19:30:00

A walnut tree

Regia | Director Ammar Aziz
Fotografia | Photography Danyal Rasheed
Montaggio | Editing Khushboo Agarwal
Pakistan, 2015, 81’, pashtu e urdu con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano | Pashto e Urdu with English and Italian subtitles

An old man feels nostalgic for a distant homeland. He wants to return. Internally displaced as a result of the ongoing conflict between the Pakistan’s military and the Taliban and forced to live in a camp, the family is caught between memories of what life was, an insecure present and a bleak future. Time and again, the question arises as to whether he’ll risk a return to his motherland.

June 20-26, Cantieri culturali alla Zisa

JURY’S STATEMENT – Brilliant cinematographic approach. The author manages to get in tune with the history of the characters, refugees from one of the most remote areas of the world on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The tree metaphor is well suited to the figure of the grandfather who decides to return to his land abandoning children and grandchildren to rejoin his roots despite the risk of becoming a Taliban target. The Character himself explores the theme of travel on several dimensions and levels. Grandpa himself is already a journey through time; the tragedy of the character who wants to go back to his homeland and to stop running away, who wants to escape the horrors, that still wants to have a choice. This work represents both categories that the Festival Sole Luna has chosen for this edition: Travel and Human Rights.

Gianni Massironi – Sociologist and director
Lander Camarero – TV writer and editor
Adham Darawsha – President of the Consulta delle Culture of Palermo
Alessio Genovese – Director
Tatiana Lo Iacono – President of FCS, programmer, cultural activist