2018 – Strike a rock

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2020/06/16 19:30:00

Strike a rock

regia | director Aliki Saragas
fotografia | photography Aliki Saragas & Andreas Georghiou
montaggio | editing Khalid Shamis
produzione | production Uhuru Productions
South Africa, 2017, 84′
inglese e xhosa con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano | English and Xhosa with Italian and english subtitles

After a massacre shakes their poverty-stricken mining community, Marikana, two grandmothers lead their community in a historic fight for justice. In an intimate story where the personal becomes political, how will they take on Goliath-enemies and make their voices heard?

July 2-8, Santa Maria dello Spasimo

JURY’S STATEMENT – STRIKE A ROCK is the extraordinary example of a “revolution” that can start not only from young people but from two grand-mothers. A powerful and inspiring fight for Justice with every means they have. They are persistent and they still keep trying, even if their life has been a series of disappointments. They don’t give up!

Ignazio Buttitta – Anthropologist, University of Palermo
Birgit Heidsiek – Giornalist and film critic
Alessandro Negrini – Director and poet
Ingrid Rossellini – Professor at the University of Princeton and Harvard
Nima Sarvestani – Director and producer