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Regia/Director Karim Sayad
Fotografia/Photography Patrick Tresch
Montaggio/Editing Naïma Bachiri, Félix Sandri
Produzione/Production Close Up Films, SRG SSR, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse
Svizzera 2023, 76’ arabo, tuareg, hausa con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Switzerland 2023, 76’ Arabic, Tamashek, Hausa with English and Italian subtitles

Agadez, 2021. Following the ban of unlawful migrants transportation by the Niger government, four former smugglers struggle to make a living. Facing the lack of perspectives, Ibrahim, Abdelsalam, Daouda and El Bak embark on a journey through the Sahara to join dozens of gold diggers lost in the middle of the desert. Between hopes and disillusions, these men fight to survive in an increasingly hostile and unstable environment.

wednesday july 3
h. 21.00
Chiostro Sant’Anna