A Black Jesus

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Regia/Director Luca Lucchesi
Fotografia/Photography Luca Lucchesi
Montaggio/Editing Edoardo Morabito, Luca Lucchesi
Produzione/Production Road Movies GmbH
Italia 2020, 92’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italian with English subtitles

The population of a little suburb located at the Europe’s southern borders has venerated the statue of a black Jesus over the centuries. When Edward, a Ghanaian nineteen-year-old guest of the disputed town’s refugee centre asks the permission to take part in the annual procession and to carry the cross of the black Jesus together with the local bearers, the entire community finds itself at a crossroad. This journey in search of the deep roots of fear and prejudice towards “the other” called upon the citizens of this Europe in miniature to question their identity, starting with their own faith icon: a black Jesus.

saturday july 10
Cortile Abatelli