Abbay. La discesa del Nilo Azzurro

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regia / director Lorenzo Bojola
fotografia / photography Enzo Quaia
montaggio / editing Lorenzo Bojola
produzione / production JM Investments, Studio Bojola Firenze
Italia 2024, 74′ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italy 2024, 74′ Italian with English subtitles

An actor/narrator leads us to a sort of explorative journey through pre and post-colonial Africa that functions as the backdrop for an epic scenery where the idea of four Florentine guys was conceived: in 1973 they sailed the entire length of Blue Nile for the first time in history. In order to reconstruct the event, the narrator assumes the role of the reporter and interviews Jacopo and Bernardo, two of the four guys that accomplished the feat more than 50 years ago.
Through this long interview and through the help of the photographs that Bernardo took back then, the reporter portrays the main moments of this big adventure.

Friday 5 July
h. 20.00
Palazzo Branciforte – SALA DEI 99