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Regia/Director Naël Khleifi
Fotografia/Photography Diego Romero Suarez Llanos, Thomas de Hemptinne, Sébastien Alouf, Nael Khleifi
Montaggio/Editing Pauline Fonsny
Produzione/Production Sourat Films
Belgio-Palestina 2021, 64’ francese, inglese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Belgium-Palestine 2021, 64’ French, English with English and Italian subtitles

In the heart of the Alps, in the secrecy of the dark and cold night, women and men come to the aid of migrants who emerge from the French-Italian border. In solidarity, they organize themselves illegally to escape police controls and repression on these mountain paths and help those who try to enter France at the risk of their lives. Alps is a journey that starts from solidarity and goes to meet the humanity of the migrants.

wednesday 6 july
Cortile Abatelli