Dark waters

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regia / director Stéphanie Regnier
fotografia / photography Julien Bosse, Stéphanie Regnier, Hélène Motteau
montaggio / editing Saskia Berthod
produzione / production Survivance
Francia 2018, 58′
creolo, inglese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Creole, English with English and Italian subtitles

A village like an island in the middle of a huge swamp in a tropical area. A flooded savannah plain crossed by herds of zebus grazing floating grass carpets. Fishy black waters sheltering strange animals. Cornelia takes her canoe to gather in her nets atipas, yayas, and coulons, while in the distance the gauchos gather the cows. Antonia remembers the time when she also drove her canoe fastly on the black waters. Now her canoe is broken and her bones too worn to be able to carry her. She shares her joys and sorrows with the spirits around her. She sings Kasékò, this music invented by the slaves of French Guyana and transmitted from generation to generation until today.


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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc 4th October San Gregorio 20.30