Domy + Ailucha: Ket stuff!

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Regia/Director Ico Costa
Fotografia/Photography Ailucha de Waldir, DomingosMarrengula
Montaggio/Editing Raúl Domingos
Produzione/Production Jérôme Blesson, João Matos
Francia-Portogallo2022, 30’portoghese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ France-Portugal 2022, 30’ Portuguese with English and Italian subtitles

In 2020, unable to travel to Mozambique, Ico Costa asked Ailucha and Domingos to film their daily lives with a camera he had left in Inhambane the previous year. The camera acquired a special presence in the group, recording the teenage life, the working, the playing, the hanging around, the singing and dancing, the desire.

monday july 3
h. 21.30
Cortile Bonet