Heavy Metal

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Regia/Directors Edward Knowles, Timo Bruun
Fotografia/Photography Timo Bruun, Tobias Abt
Montaggio/Editing Philipp Hartinger
Produzione/Production Hind Shoufani
Germania-Giordania 2023, 31’ arabo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Germany-Jordan 2023, 31’ Arabic with English and Italian subtitles

The girls of Champ Camp are typical teenagers — eager to challenge the old ways and looking to make their mark. But there are differences. For one thing, Adla, Rahmeeh and We’am are Palestinians growing up in Jordan’s Al-Baqa’a refugee camp. For another, they can lift as much as 100 pounds and are aiming for an Olympic medal. Heavy Metal is a powerful film asking just what it means to be a strong young woman.

saturday july 6
h. 22.30
Chiostro Sant’Anna