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by Yasser Talebi

Through superb photography, the work manages to capture the different landscapes and different shades of light that enhance the beauty of our planet and captures the deep humanity that emerges from the face of the protagonist.
Exemplary is the skill with which the director outlines the wisdom of the character, through which you can grasp the intimate essence of the meaning of human life, made up of the fight against misfortunes and the constant ability to accept events and, with determination, continue their existence.
It also moves the director’s ability to illustrate the empathic bond that can unite humanity and nature, as well as the sensitivity in knowing how to tell, with poetry and intense humanity, the life choices of the character, even in the discomfort of a condition of suffering loneliness.
The film, in short, surprisingly, forces us Westerners, immersed in a world that we believe to be the best, to ask ourselves about the meaning of our daily lives and what human life and happiness really are.