High School Students Award Human RIghts

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Stronger than a bullet
by Maryam Ebrahimi

For showing that it is possible to deal with the uncomfortable past of an individual and an entire society by using a critical, lucid, never self-indulgent look, revealing the atrocious nightmare of war and its heavy legacy on present lives.
The documentary also denounces the ambiguous and perverse rhetoric of regime propaganda and the persuasive force that the images have played in building the conditions of inhumanity necessary to fight a war.
The viewers were skillfully accompanied on a courageous and stubborn journey, almost at the “end of the night”, into the deep corners of individual and collective memory in search of truth and a moral redemption of the protagonist.
Finally, another value of the work lies in having shown once again, how all of us are manipulable, excitable, ready to transform ourselves into blind and fanatical executioners in the service of the regime that leads us into victims of its propaganda, and that few are able to go back through the history of their own reason.