Homo botanicus

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regia / director Guillermo Quintero
fotografia / photography Guillermo Quintero
montaggio / editing Julie Borvon, Guillermo Quintero
produzione / production Casatarántula, Stank
Colombia-Francia 2018, 88′
spagnolo, inglese e francese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Spanish, English and French with English and Italian subtitles

Fifteen years after abandoning his studies as a botanist, Guillermo Quintero visits his old professor Julio Betancur. With him and his new disciple, the young Cristian Castro, he returns to the Colombian tropical forests to explore once again his old passion. Following their work in this expedition, we understand the importance of legacies and the strength of the ancient bond between master and pupil. As we immerse in doubts over science and the ways in which we see the world, Guillermo builds up a reflection on the obsessions of the modern man to control and map Nature. In the diverse and nearly infinite world of the tropics, what is the point of collecting plants forever?

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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc Spazi Bomben 3rd October, 19.00