I, Mary

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Regia/Director Aliki Saragas-Georgiou
Fotografia/Photography Aliki Saragas-Georgiou
Montaggio/Editing Jo Gibbon, Melissa Parry
Produzione/Production Elafos Productions
Sud Africa 2020, 76’ inglese con sottotitoli in italiano/ English with Italian subtitles

On the edge of light and darkness, this lyrical telling of Reginamary Ndlovu’s story is one about the pain that lurks beneath the surface after a lifetime of sexual abuse and discrimination as a woman living with Albinism. Fighting the dangerous myths that have kept her life in constant danger, Reginamary starts a self-funded online talk show “My Voice: Albinism The New Era”. In a COVID-19 world, facing her demons that hide beneath her masks, this is her Voice.

giovedì 8 luglio
Cortile Steri