Il mio corpo

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Regia/Director Michele Pennetta
Fotografia/Photography Paolo Ferrari
Montaggio/Editing Orsola Valenti, Damian Plandolit
Produzione/Production Close Up Films, Kino produzioni
Svizzera-Italia 2020, 82’ siciliano, pidgin con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Switzerland-Italy 2020, 82’ Sicilian, Pidgin with English and Italian subtitles

Oscar – little more than a child – collects metal for his father who deals with reselling it. He spends his life among illegal dumps. Worlds apart, but just alongside, there is Stanley. He cleans in the village church in exchange for hospitality and some food. He picks fruit in the fields and accompanies cattle to pasture, just to keep busy his body that has come from afar. Among Oscar, the little Sicilian, and Stanley, the Nigerian, no apparent similarity, except for the feeling of being thrown out into the world, of suffering the same rejection, the same smothering wave of choices made by others.