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Regia/Director Nika Šaravanja
Fotografia/Photography Mark Modrić
Montaggio/Editing Pierpaolo Filomeno
Produzione/Production Tico Film Company, Playtime Films, Fade In
Italia-Belgio-Croazia 2023, 88’ swahili con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Italy-Belgium-Croatia 2023, 88’ Swahili with English and Italian subtitles

Promise and Ian are best friends and live in Kariobangi South, in Kenya. They are both nine years old and share the same passion for acrobatics. They both train regularly in an acrobatic group led and founded by the charismatic and self-taught Steve. As years go by, their families struggle to keep their lives afloat. School does not start again properly and their only certainties are their afternoon trainings. Promise and Ian are now 11 years old. Steve soon will announce to the group that three years after stopping, some of them will be chosen for the European tour for their “Cirque du Soleil”- style show, performing in many countries. Promise and Ian start to train even harder. Will they be selected?

martedì 2 luglio
h. 21.00
Chiostro Sant’Anna