La ricomparsa delle lucciole

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regia / director Cristiano Giamporcaro
fotografia / photography Cristiano Giamporcaro
montaggio / editing Cristiano Giamporcaro
produzione / production Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Sede Sicilia
Italia 2023, 32′ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italy 2023, 32′ Italian with English subtitles

In the innner Sicily, where the highways cut the hills, where the skeletons of the buildings emerge from the wheat fields and where the airplanes get into the soundspace, it is summer. Giorgio, a ten years old boy, has decided to explore this territory after he heard a fairytale about fireflies. At the same time an old 86 years old shepherd lives his routine. In the morning, he carves wood and listens to an old radio in the dilapidated house where he lives and, in the afternoon, he takes his cows to graze in the surrounding hills. The rest flows around them.

Thursday July 4
h. 21.00