Marceline. A woman. A century.

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Regia/Director Cordelia Dvorák
Fotografia/Photography Georgie Lazarevski, Susanna Salonen, Bettina Borgfeld, Thomas Bataille
Montaggio/Editing Friederike Anders
Produzione/Production Elda
Francia 2018, 72’ francese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ French with English and Italian subtitles

Marceline was fifteen when she and her father were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. She survived but her father didn’t, and she had to find radical and unconventional ways to heal. In 1961, she appeared in Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin’s landmark film Chronicle of a summer, which gave birth to the term cinema verité. Later she and her husband, the legendary Dutch director Joris Ivens, co-directed films such as 17th Parallel and How Yukong moved mountains. Filmed as she was nearing 90 years old, Marceline spans the broad arc of her life from survivor to political activist to combatively critical filmmaker. Looking back on the momentous events she experienced and filmed such as the Vietnam War and the Cultural Revolution, Marceline is a thought-provoking chronicle of a remarkable witness of the 20th century.

July 6