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Born in Gambia
di Natxo Leuza Fernandez

Born in Gambia not only tells the story of Hassan, a 14-year-old boy who lives on the street in Gambia, his country, but it is also the story of a country whose population faces social discrimination on a daily basis and the story of a society where human rights are completely absent, especially those of unaccompanied children, who are the most exposed to the risk of the worst diseases and whose rights are constantly violated ever since childhood.
This short film also tells another side of this society, namely the traditional uses based on tribal beliefs which affect personal freedoms, especially those of women and girls, such as infibulation or forced marriages, which are decided by relatives without consultation and often happen between spouses with an unacceptable age difference.
Some stories are almost never told but they are true and recurring stories in some countries. Born in Gambia makes us reflect on social responsibility, on the violation of the human rights that these children suffer every day, and on the difficulties they have to face in order to survive and conquer their dignity.


BORN IN GAMBIA – Official Trailer from Galapan Productions on Vimeo.