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regia / director Susanne Mi-Son Quester
fotografia / photography Mieko Azuma
montaggio / editing Susanne Mi-Son Quester, Jihyeon Park
produzione / production Mandarinenfilm
Germania 2019, 78′
coreano, tedesco, inglese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Korean, German, English with English and Italian subtitles

A German-Korean filmmaker travels to the border between North and South Korea, to the town of Paju, where she encounters its residents, and their various attitudes toward the division of their country. In these meetings, an inner division also emerges – between the generations, their experiences and wishes for the future.

PAJU_Trailer from forbiddenlibraries on Vimeo.

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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc 4th October TRA 22.00