People of the Wastelan

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film Description

regia / director Heba Khaled
fotografia / photography Ahmad Nasser
montaggio / editing Alex Bakri
produzione / production Talal Derki
Germania-Siria 2018, 21′
arabo, inglese con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / Arabic, English with English and Italian subtitles

People of the Wasteland is an experimental short-film in a firstperson point of view depicting the clashes of Syrian fighters in the front line. In the chaos of war, the lines between right and wrong become blurred. This exclusive Go-Pro footage from inside war aims to remind us that in a territory where the landscape and the people are ephemeral because of war, only the camera can remain alive, and only the image of a certain moment can remain eternal.


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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc 3rd October TRA 22.30