Più de la vita

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film Description

Regia/Director Raffaella Rivi
Fotografia/Photography Giovanni Andreotta
Montaggio/Editing Francesco Mansutti
Produzione/Production Kublai Film e JoleFilm

Italia, 2019, 75’ italiano, /Italian

The film narrates four decades of the artistic itinerary of Michele Sambin, a pioneer of video-art and experimental cinema of the 1970’s, a creator/designer of performances, theatrical shows, pictorial works, soundtracks.
His creativity is endless, mixing images, ideas, projects that distance him from beaten paths and from present approaches.
The artistic venture of Sambin overlaps and experiments diverse technologies within their evolution, from the analogue video to digital painting, from traditional instruments to electronic music.
Throughout the artist’s works, the film offers a direct glimpse on art understood as concrete work that crosses time and transforms space.

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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc 3rd October TRA 20.30