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regia / director Rodrigo Hernández, Adriana Cardoso, Edu Marin
fotografia / photography Rodrigo Hernandez, Adriana Cardoso, Hibai Arbide
montaggio / editing Rodrigo Hernandez, Elpida Nikou
produzione / production Muzungu Producciones
Spagna 2023, 27′ spagnolo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Spain 2023, 27′ Spanish with English and Italian subtitles

Serigne Mbayé arrived in Spain in a dinghy from Senegal. After 15 years of anti-racist struggle in Madrid, today, converted into a politician, he is determined to confront the European Union. His mission: point to Brussels as responsible for his migration and that of thousands of his compatriots.

Tuesday July 4
h. 21.00
Chiostro San’Anna