Tempo d’attesa

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film Description

Regia/Director Claudia Brignone
Fotografia/Photography Claudia Brignone
Montaggio/Editing Lea Dicursi
Produzione/Production Amarena Film con Rai Cinema
Italia 2023, 75’ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italy 2023, 75’ Italian with English subtitles

It’s summer. A woman attempts to shelder from the hot sunglight under a big magnolia. Her name is Teresa. She is a midwife with long experience. She has got long white hair, wrapped in a braid and a warm smile. There are about dozen women with her, sitting on the ground in a circle; lots of them are pregnant, in different stages of pregnancy, and with them there are children too. The women introduce themselves, and with Teresa tell and reflect about the great experience they are going through. Then we meet these women in their intimacy, meanwhile Teresa visits them. Some of those accept the camera during their labour and the birth of their children.

sabato 6 luglio
h. 21.00
Chiostro Sant’Anna