The fifth point of the compass

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fotografia / photography Jytte Hill
montaggio / editing Martin Prinoth
produzione / production Against Reality Pictures, Miramonte Film
Germania-Italia 2017, 78′
tedesco, portoghese, ladino, italiano con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / German, Portuguese, Ladin, Italian with English and Italian subtitles

On 1st of July 2009, an airliner crashed into the Atlantic Ocean. Georg, returning from Brazil, was among the 228 dead. He grew up as a child adopted in a small town in the middle of the Italian Dolomites. Seven years later, his adopted brother Markus crosses the ocean to follow in Georg’s footsteps with the director Martin Prinoth. Together they retrace a story that is familial and collective at the same time.


The Fifth Point of the Compass by Martin Prinoth from Martin Prinoth on Vimeo.

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