Those who remain

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regia / director Ester Sparatore
fotografia / photography Matteo Vieille Rivara
montaggio / editing Nadia Toujier
produzione / production Dounia Georgeon
Francia-Italia 2018, 89′
arabo, inglese, francese, italiano con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano
/ Arabic, English, French, Italian with English and Italian subtitles

In Tunis, women are protesting. They are holding photographs of their missing sons, husbands and brothers. All disappeared while emigrating by boat to Italy during the Arab Spring. Among these women is Om El Khir. She leads the women’s struggle. The film follows her as she strives to find out what happened to the disappeared, as well as to take care of her three children now that they are without a father.


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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc TRA 6th Octtober, h. 18,30