We will not fade away

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Regia/Director Alisa Kovalenko
Fotografia/Photography Alisa Kovalenko, Serhiy Stetsenko
Montaggio/Editing Maryna Maykovska, Kasia Boniecka
Produzione/Production Trueman Production, East Roads Films, HAKA Films
Ucraina-Francia-Polonia 2023, 100’ russo, ucraino con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ Ukraine-France-Poland 2023, 100’ Russian, Ukrainian with English and Italian subtitles

Donbas, 2019. The prospect of a new Russian invasion hangs in the air, while the sound of gunfire resulting from the old one can still be heard in the distance. In this seemingly bleak wartime setting, five teenagers start to seriously think about their future. Their energy, enthusiasm, and hope allow them to fully live out their last golden hours of childhood despite the circumstances. They dream of escaping not only from the war, but also – like teenagers all over the world – from the boredom of a small town. Then, unexpectedly, an opportunity arises to embark on a long journey all the way to Nepal. Will their dream of conquering the world come true?

friday july 5
h. 22.30
Chiostro Sant’Anna