What Walaa wants

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film Description

regia / director Christy Garland
fotografia / photography Christy Garland
montaggio / editing Michael Aaglund, Graeme Ring
produzione / production Murmur Media, Final Cut for Real In Co-production with National Film Board of Canada Canada-Danimarca 2018, 86′
arabo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Arabic with English and Italian subtitles

Raised in the largest refugee camp on the West Bank while her mother was in prison, Walaa dreams of being a policewoman, wearing a uniform, avoiding marriage, and earning a salary. Despite warnings that ‘no women should be in the army’ and that she will bring shame on the family, she applies and gets in. But her own rebellious behavior and a complicated relationship with her mother are a challenge, as are the circumstances under which she lives. The director follows the girl for 5 years from 15 to 21, entering the camera for the first time ever in the Palestinian police academy.

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Sole Luna Sguardi Doc 4th October TRA 20.30