feed the peaceDirection
Tiziano Novelli, Silvia Giulietti
Silvia Giulietti
Tiziano Novelli
La Tribù dell’Arte, i-Frame

Italy 2007, 55′, English with Italian subtitles

Feed the peace is the story of a journey, shown through food in two worlds in conflict with each other, two worlds that seem very distant while simultaneously proved to be very close to one another: Israel and Palestine. Food is the nourishment; its life, it is against death and destruction, it is culture and knowledge. Through the role of two cooks; the first one, Hatem Taha, being a young Palestinian, the pupil of Arafat’s cook along with the second: a famous Israeli chef, Erez Komarovski, we begin in Rome then follow them through Gerusalem and Tel Aviv. We learn from those who have suffered the most that there is always a place for hope, that one cannot have the ability to stop believing and hoping, that it is wrong to say that there are no ways towards peace; for peace is the path.