Il mare di JoeDirection
Enzo Incontro and Marco Mensa
Marco Mensa
Elisa Mereghetti, Maurilio Quadarella
Scuba Film Production and Ethnos film

Italy, 2009, 59’ Italian

An enthralling narration which from the island of Marettimo, passing through California, takes us up to Alaska on the traces of “legendary fisher- men”. The major character of the documentary is Joe Bonanno, also called “Linuccio”, a fisher- man born in Marettimo and migrated to the USA in the 1950s.
The fishermen of Marettimo showed their extra- ordinary ability both in the fishing of Sardines in California as well as in the fishing of Salmon in Alaska; their intuition and experience made them the “top fishermen”. Today this inheritance of knowledge yields to a refurbished environmental conscience in the collaboration between the fi- shermen and the Entities placed at the safeguard of the sea, to define the rules of a sustainable fi- shing and for the protection of a good that is everyone’s heritage.
The “Sea of Joe” is the Mediterranean, the Pacific Ocean in California, the cold Ocean of Alaska.