Giustizia per / Justice for

presentazione della campagna / presentation of the campaign
realizzata da/ produced by Raizes Teatro
in cooperazione con / in cooperation with Comune di Palermo
Intervengono / with Alessandro Ienzi, Marina Mazzamuto, Pino Apprendi

The Raizes Teatro company presents the campaign Justice for – Campaign for Activists, an initiative carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of Palermo that, through the illustrations of Marina Mazzamuto, spread the stories of six activists involved in the defence of human rights. The faces of Nasrin Sotoudeh, Marielle Franco, Shady Habash, Salvatore Gurreri, Loujain Al Hatlhloul and Patrick Zaki, drawn on large posters, appeared in the streets of Palermo and are on display throughout the week of the festival at Palazzo Chiaramonte-Steri.

Free to be

performance con il patrocinio di / with the patronage of
Avant Garde Lawyers
nel programma / in the programme
Human Freedom 21
testi e regia / text and direction
Alessandro Ienzi
con / with
Patrick Andrade, Francesco Campolo, Paola Caruso, Andrea Ciancimino, Mara Picone, Christian Sidoti

As a prosecution of this campaign, in order to continue in giving voice to activists, the company has created the theatrical performance Free To Be, a journey around the world, surrounded by music and words of activists murdered, imprisoned or gagged by power. The show is dedicated to Shady Habash, Roman Bondarenko, Nasrin Sotoudeh, Sarah Hegazi, Loujain Al Hathloul, Patrick Zaki and Marielle Franco, and is inspired by their words and works.


Cortile Steri
Giustizia Per / Justice For
presentazione della campagna di / presentation of the campaign by Raizes Teatro 
Free To Be