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The festival was born in 2006 in Palermo and in 2014 has expanded taking place in prestigious sites of Palermo and Treviso.

The Sole Luna Festival is a documentary film festival, founded and based on an important theme which is the dialogue between cultures proposing stories of ordinary life, reflections on sensitive issues such as: gender violence, war, stories of solidarity and peace projects.

In the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we are developing new and ambitious projects with the aim to stengthen our mission. In order to ease the success of these objectives, this year the Sole Luna association launched its first crowdfuding campaign, through which it encourages friends and followers of the Festival to support the initiative by sharing this message around and also by making some symbolical donations, which start from 1 euro, or by selecting the wonderful rewards we offer during the program.


How to make a donation on kriticalmass: Read through the contents and join the Sole Luna Community. If you wish to show your support, you can either donate out of goodwill (as indicated by the blue arrows in the following image)

Foto Sito - Come donare Kritical Mass

Or you can choose your favourite Sole Luna Reward as indicated by the green arrow in the image by donating the corresponding amount (scroll down to select the reward).

Then follow the instructions and click on the red button “SUBMIT FUNDING” and continue on “PROCEED TO PAYMENT”.
Finally, select whether you want to pay by credit card or PayPal.
Your donation can also be anonymous.

As a confirmation for your successful payment you will receive an email.
For any further information please contact Caterina Lotti at [email protected]


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