An online newspaper with a vocation for “proximity information”, with a focus on social issues – from solidarity to integration -, with an open outlook towards the “last”, their stories and their lives. project turns around this pivotal point, which also offers free training for young journalists from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, and the management of communication on behalf of non profit organisations, which has a focus on the site. The project was born from a sharing of ideas and visions between young professionals, Sicilian by birth and adoption: Bandiougou Diawara, a social worker and cultural mediator originally from Mali, Giuseppe Madonia, a computer engineer with a passion for photography, and the journalists Filippo Passantino, Lisa Sanfilippo and Lilia Ricca. Its development was made possible by the victory in the contest New technology for welfare lab, promoted by Caritas of Palermo with some offices of the diocese and by the Policoro Project, which enabled the creation of the social enterprise Il Mediterraneo Scarl, publisher of the online newspaper. The group’s aim is to fill a gap in Sicilian publishing through their own efforts by combining different professional skills and betting on social communication. Bandiougou, Giuseppe, Filippo, Lisa and Lilia have chosen to be close to their land, giving value, through information, to all those people who daily, and often with great sacrifices, prove to be a “gift” for those who live in conditions of social unrest. Thus, the articles in the online journal talk about the world of volunteering and the policies that should promote actions of inclusion and cohesion, but also initiatives and activities of non-profit organisations and life stories of the people helped and of the volunteers.

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