#elgoogo project – Integration Inch’Allah

They just arrived in Belgium. New immigrants from Syria, Iraq, Morocco… who will have to participate in a mandatory integration program in Flanders, called ‘inburgering’. To obtain their certificate, they will have to learn the habits and customs from Flanders and Belgium. The film follows these people, with humor and kindness, throughout their journey.



Food for thought…
We see the group in their classes and outings, gradually discovering their personalities and often-tragic stories. What stood out to me are the group’s responses to questions that are prevalent in our society and headlines everyday. This includes gender issues and the Paris Attack in 2015, which shows that firstly, we all condemn terrorists acts and also most people have different views on gender issues no matter what your ethnic background or your nationality is.

Don’t forget to share the documentary with your friends and family! We need to raise awareness, unite and continue to #establishties.

#Establishties #Elgoogo


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