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Kid’s Corner

I racconti di Giufà
laboratorio per bambini 5-10 anni / workshop for children aged 5-10
con / with Alessandra Amorello

A space for children, parents, educators, readers and curious people. During the workshop I racconti di Giufà, children will be guided by Alessandra Amorello, Arabist, language teacher and founder of the Italian Arabic Kalimāt project, to discover the adventures of this slightly crazy character, who straddles several worlds. The workshop will open watching the short film with the same name (produced and made by Alessandra Amorello, Italy 2021, 14′); then, with the help of a globe, the places where Giufà has “travelled” will be shown, bringing with him the stories in which he is the protagonist. This will be followed by guided writing activities in Arabic, in which all the children will be protagonists.

laboratorio per adulti / workshop for adults
con / with Marzia Raimondo

@increlibrile, a workshop open to adults, will be dedicated to the discovery of inclusive literature for children. The linguistic mediator and interpreter Marzia Raimondo, known onsocial networks as @increlibrile, will immerse participants in the colourful world of illustrated books that contain stories of inclusion and  welcome for all children. Marzia Raimondo will also provide some guidelines on what a storybook should look like to be truly inclusive.