‘La Fabbrica del Sole’ the documentary tells the story of 3SUN’s energy transition in Catania- Sicily The documentary ‘La Fabbrica del Sole’ tells the transition of 3SUN company to Gigafactory.
The film leads us, through interviews and images, tales and stories, to live the transformation of an innovative and high-tech solar panel factory into a colossus which, as early as 2024, can be fully defined as a European leader.
A real challenge from Enel Green Power that has been able to renew itself, first in Italy, with an attentive eye to the future: no longer just power plants, but also research and technology to bring clean energy to homes and to the plants themselves.
The grandeur of the project has created a condition of collective enthusiasm in the production chain. Everyone participates in the change, from great experts and technicians to operators of the various sectors and the video camera was able to capture, without any difficulty, the satisfaction, the pride, the complicity in the faces and words of the interviewees.
The story, through the voice of the protagonists and the video shoot of the immense construction site at the foot of Mount Etna, where the factory grows at a speed that seems almost virtual, give an idea of the expected development in the area, meant to become a hub of global relevance and a research center in constant evolution.
‘La Fabbrica del Sole’ has been officially presented on the 4TH of April in Rome at Maxxi. Filming will resume in 2024 with the new lines in production.

La Fabbrica del Sole (21′) direction by Pierfrancesco Li Donni, photography by Ruben Monterosso, editing by Matteo Gherardini, music by Giovanni Schievano, executive production by Zabriskie.