04-rupi-del-vino copiaDirector: Ermanno Olmi
Photography: Massimiliano Pantucci
Editing: Federica Ravera, Paolo Cottignola
Production: Ipotesi Cinema, Provincia di Sondrio, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Fondazione Cariplo
Italy, 2009, 54’ Italian

“There are five reasons for drinking: the visit of a friend, the wine’s goodness, being thirsty, and anything else…” Ermanno Olmi returns to the documentary and embarks on a journey through the culture of Valtellina, its traditions and its valleys, its crops, its vineyards on the cliffs, and all that in those lands is produced by the man and for the man. Among the quotes belonging to famous names who expressed their thought on the cliffs of Valtellina, the images seen from the helicopter of the terrace mountains and of the close flat surfaces planted with berries and crops, hands that digs and faces baked by the sunshine, in Le Rupi del vino there are just considerations that come from the images.