Mestizo. Meetings, catch, twists much or less green

Lab for six years old kids
Edited by Caterina Strafalaci – “Radici Piccolo Museo della Natura, Palermo”

Through the stories of the herbaceous and arboreal essences, native and migrant, that intertwine with the beauty of Mediterranean landscape, playing between the folds of paper, it will be create a book inspired to origami, the Japanese art of fold the paper, and illustrated through craft print with plant elements. The book shows unpredictable meetings and transformations, and becomes a device to create fantastic visions and unexplored characters. After the collection of the material along the “Orto Botanico”, participants will be guided in the realization of the interactive book, through the folding of paper and the printing of plant elements. All works will be exhibited at the “Galleria d’Arte Moderna” for all the festival, at the end of the event small artists can take back their work.

tuesday july 4
h. 16.00

info and registration
[email protected]