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After researching the main areas of hate speech, it is clear that terrorism is a key area of hate speech. This can been seen from the rise of Islamophobia in the recent years. A film in this area, which is definitely a must watch is #MyEscape. This is the first film I wanted to talk about because it’s one that has left the most impact on me so far.


The film assesses the journey which refugees from Afghanistan, Syria and Eritrea undertook due to their home countries becoming increasingly dangerous and unliveable. In most cases, the mobile phone became the quintessential tool to facilitate the organisation of their escape as well as their constant companion. Many of the refugees documented their journey using their phone. This footage has been used in the documentary to show first hand accounts of their journey through their own eyes and lenses.

The film
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Food for thought…

What stood out from this documentary was that these people had very normal lives just like you and me and without having any choice; their only way of survival was to leave. However, because of their nationalities, race and ethnicity they are associated with horrible people that have caused them to leave their home in the first place.

We, who live in the western world, tend to be misinformed and almost see refugees from another society but in fact, as shown from the documentary, through their journey and interactions, we are not all that different from each other. We are all human.

Don’t forget to share the documentary with your friends and family! We need to raise awareness. Lets unite and #establishties

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