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The documentary follows Rokhaya Diallo, Afro-Parisienne journalist, antiracism activist and award- winning filmmaker, who is documenting an emerging generation of black activists, who in the wake of the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, were able to mobilize international opinion in favour of the protests in America. Although France is confronted with similar problems, the victims of French police brutality have not benefited from the same media attention. Not Yo Mama’s Movement explores the similarities and differences between the racial situations in the U.S. and France and how today’s activists navigate building movements for change.

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This documentary further establishes that racism still exists around the globe and it is important to stand up as ‘we can’t live of the victories of the 60’s because we need modern day victory’. The idea that racism is still very much prominent and therefore we cannot be complacent in being proactive. It’s great to see so many millennials being proactive and using social media platforms to connect with people form all across the world and form a unity to stand up to issues such as racism. This is very much needed. A sentence from the documentary really stood out to me:

“If you see a movement against racism, are you going to be part of it or are you going to sit there and wait until it’s in the history books to read about it?”

Don’t forget to share the documentary with your friends and family! We need to raise awareness, unite and continue to #establishties.

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