On the trail of the glaciers

progetto fotografico / photographic project
Fabiano Ventura, project manager

On the trail of the glaciers is a photographic-scientific project that combines photographic comparison and scientific research in order to disseminate the effects of climate change through the observation of changes in glacial masses over the last 150 years. The project represents the largest existing archive of comparative photography on variations of glacial masses; it was conceived and realized by the photographer Fabiano Ventura in collaboration with a technical – creative staff and is supported by aninternational Scientific Committee. The strong communicative power of photographic comparisons, together with the results of scientific research, represents a contribution to the development of a greater awareness about the impact of human activities on climate. The dissemination of the project contents aims at raising public awareness of the need to safeguard natural resources for the protection of future generations.

/ The Tetnuld Mount, Adish Glacier, Djanga and Skara mounts from the heights between Kalda and Adish (Suanetia)

1890 Vittorio Sella – © Fondazione Sella

fotografia moderna / modern photography

Panorama of the Caucasus impressive mountains: mount Tetnuldi (4853m) and mount Skhara (5200m). By comparing the two pictures, after 121 years, the linear retraction of the terminus of the two big glaciers, Adishi e Khalde, it is clearly visible.

2011 Fabiano Ventura – © Associazione Macromicro

video installazione / video installation
The exhibition can be visited from 5 to 10 July 10.00 — 18.00

Sulle tracce dei ghiacciai. Missione in Caucaso

regia / director Marco Preti
fotografia / photography Marco Preti
montaggio / editing Marco Preti, Tommaso Valente
produzione / production SD Cinematografica
Italia 2012, 52′ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italy 2012, 52′ Italian with English subtitles

After the successful expedition in Karakorum on the glacier of Baltoro, the photographer Fabiano Ventura and his team of scientists continue their mission to in order to study the effects of climatic changes of the most important glaciers of the Earth. The location of the new exploration: the Georgian Caucasus, an area of priceless beauty made it inaccessible for decades by the soviet regime and therefore unspoiled and out of time. Photographic records of explorers of the late nineteenth century have been compared for the first time with the same shots by Fabiano Ventura and have been scientifically analyzed to determine the “state of health” of some of the most important glaciers of the world.

Monday 4 July
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