Opening Sole Luna Doc Film Festival | 3 July 2017 Palermo

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival
3 luglio /July 2017
Santa Maria dello Spasimo Palermo
Ingresso gratuito/free entrance

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Lunedì 3 luglio | Monday July 3rd

20.00 Drum Circle Welcome con La Bottega delle Percussioni
Saluti inaugurali | Opening greetings
Visioni (Di)Visioni Inaugurazione mostra fotografica | Opening photographic exhibition

21.00 Omaggio alla città | Tribute to the city
Pellegrino, Ruben Monterosso e Federico Savonitto
Italia, 2017, 53’
Registi in sala| Meet the authors

Pellegrino is the tale of a place where sacred, profane, nature and history coexist and exert a strong attraction. The film follows the stories of people who are in the mount – both regularly and occasionally – crossing the paths of artists, wanderers, naturalists, alchemists and pilgrims of different origin, who, with a reason or a need, turn the Mount into their obsession, a reason for passing through it or the trace of an answer they are looking for.
It is a reflection on the sense of living the nature and the intimate relationship between people and places, especially when these places carry on an ancient memory.

Pellegrino (trailer sub eng) from on Vimeo.

Concorso | Competition
Ama-San, Cláudia Varejão
Portogallo 2016, 113’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles

When cherry-trees bloom in the small town of Wagu, the Ama-San, i.e. “the women of the sea”, go to the seaside and turn into actual marine beings. They plunge into the secrets of the ocean waters searching for algae, crustaceans, and mussels. Like creatures of the abyss, the deft gestures of these women from different generations preserve the ritual of ancient fishing, based at once on strength and gentleness.

22.00 Concorso | Competition
The black sheep, Antonio Martino
Italia, 2016, 72’, v.o. sott. in italiano | o.v. Italian subtitles
Produttore e regista in sala | Meet the producer and the director

Ausman, has fought for the Libyan revolution, even been a pacifist, as he was convinced to fight for freedom and democracy. Nothing went as he thought: violence and religious extremism are spreading every day more. Today he feels as a stranger in his country. What will be his final wor(l)d?

The Black Sheep _ a documentary by Antonio Martino _ trailer from BoFilm on Vimeo.


Dead ears, Linas Mikuta
Lituania 2016, 42’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles

Two men, an aged farmer and his deaf-mute son, live in a remote area, isolated from civilization. Though sharing the same roof, problems, and sorrows, they remain very distant from one another. Their attempts at conversation turn into misunderstanding, if not conflict. The father thinks his son is abnormal and childish. The son sees his father as insensitive and crude. Can the two men find their way towards understanding one another?

Filmo ŠALTOS AUSYS / DEAD EARS anonsas / trailer from MONOKLIS on Vimeo.


Ma fille Nora, Jasna Krajinovic
Belgio – Francia, 2016, 16’, v.o. sott. in inglese e italiano | o.v. English and Italian subtitles

Nora, Samira’s daughter, left for Syria in May 2013. Since then, her mother leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to bring Nora home. Ma fille Nora is a letter that Samira wrote to Nora. It follows Samira in her fight to prevent other youths from leaving, her trip to the Syrian border and her painful, everyday life torn between hope and the fear of losing her daughter in the war in Syria.

MA FILLE NORA de Jasna Krajinovic (2016) from Dérives asbl on Vimeo.


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