Cine Yagoua
presentazione del progetto / presentation of the project

The volunteer project, promoted by the association Africadegna Onlus in cooperation with Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture, was held at the Center Culturel et Musée de la Vallée du Logone in Yagoua in the Far North Province of Cameroon. The filmmakers and artistic directors of Sole Luna Doc Film Festival Chiara Andrich and Andrea Mura involved the community and above all the young people of Yagoua in the discovery of the audiovisual language through the direct creation of audiovisual products and through the vision of films belonging to the festival archive that deal with human rights issues. The 12 students involved in the workshop that lasted the 3 weeks have realized 4 short films about tradition, family, school and female work.

Screening 4 July, h 21, Giardino

Centre culturel

centre culturelRegia | Director: Dzitchak Patrice Junior
Fotografia | Photography: Dzitchak Patrice Junior
Montaggio | Editing: Dzitchak Patrice Junior
Produzione | Production: Cine Yagoua

Italia- Camerun, 2018, 8′
francese con sottotitoli in italiano / French with Italian subtitles

The cultural center of the Logone Valley in Yagoua, in the far north of Cameroon, is frequented by many high school students who are here to read and study together. The documentary portrays them as they study for a better future, between difficulties and dreams.


cine yagouaRegia | Director: Hamaita Soumai Celestine, Soumai Leya, Adiafa Soumai Awali Anasthasie, Dzitchak Patrice Junior
Fotografia | Photography: Dzitchak Patrice Junior, Haranga Laurent, Zasmendje Roger
Montaggio | Editing: Chiara Andrich
Produzione | Production: Cine Yagoua

Italia- Camerun, 2018, 11′
francese con sottotitoli in italiano / French with Italian subtitles

Repeatedly oppressed by her stepmother Amina, the young Fati decides to leave her father’s house. The film deals with a very current and felt issue in Cameroon: child abuse by their stepmothers.

Preparation du bilbil de Abbe

bil bilRegia | Director: Sinama Sainte Claire
Fotografia | Photography: Chiara Andrich, Andrea Mura
Montaggio | Editing: Guibolo Balamsia
Produzione | Production: Cine Yagoua

Italia- Camerun, 2018, 6′
francese con sottotitoli in italiano / French with Italian subtitles

In Cameroon, the bilbil, a millet beer, is prepared by women. Abbe is a widow and every Thursday she prepares her bilbil and sells it at the cabaret to sustain her large family.

Un dimanche au village

dimancheRegia | Director: Zamandje Roger, Haranga Laurent, Soupoursou Dieudonne
Fotografia | Photography: Zamandje Roger, Haranga Laurent, Soupoursou Dieudonne
Montaggio | Editing: Andrea Mura
Produzione | Production: Cine Yagoua

Italia- Camerun, 2018, 20′
francese con sottotitoli in italiano / French with Italian subtitles

Zamandje, Haranga and Souporsou are from the Masa villages surrounding the Lake Gueré, in the far North of Cameroon. With this documentary, they narrate the territory and its ancient traditions in a period of deep cultural transformations, suspended between an ancestral past and an intrusive modernity.

Tumaranké. Re-future
Quando lo smartphone crea inclusione. Re-future, un progetto di visual storytelling
/ When the smartphone creates inclusion. Re-future, a project of visual storytelling

presentazione del progetto / presentation of the project

con / with Camilla Paternò
responsabili editoriali / editorial managers: Simona Coppini, Camilla Paternò, Marta Tagliavia
montaggio / editing: Edoardo Morabito, Marta Tagliavia
produzione / production: Dugong Films con Offf, Road Movie, Picofilms, Shoot&Post

Italia, 2018, 48′
italiano, francese, bambara con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / Italian, French, Bambara with Italian and English subtitles

Tumarankè refutureTumaranké in the Bambara language means “leaving your country in search of a better future”. In Sicily, a workshop on image education invites minor migrants recently arrived in Italy to tell their story, using the easiest tool at their disposal: the smartphone. The result is an intimate and surprising diary, a cross section of their life in Italy, their life in the community, their school, their dreams, their fragility and their moments of solitude, their homesickness, their friendship, their inclusion in a new country where, day after day, while learning a new language, they discover and make us discover a culture of inclusion which is achievable, thus laying the foundations for a common future.

Screening 5 July, h 21, Giardino

«Di terra, di mare, di incontri». Giovani migranti disegnano il passato e il futuro
/ «About the land, the sea, the encounters». Young migrants draw the past and the future

presentazione del progetto / presentation of the project

con / with
Marcello Amoruso, Souleymane Bah, Gaetano Cipolla, Balla Moussa, Koulibaly Youssif, Latif Jaralla, Moustaph Jarju, Igor Scalisi Palminteri, Fabrizio Lupo, Kirolos Kamil Zaher Babawy
foto / photos Antonio Gervasi

di terra di mare Young migrants, artists and Italian teachers present together the new experiment of polyphonic narration and contamination of signs, languages, experiences, which the Italian Language School for Foreigners (ItaStra), together with the associations Nuvole Incontri d’Arte and Tomo, conducted from the 2017 Summer to the first months of 2018, with all of them as protagonists. Starting from two very famous texts – The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen and The Gulliver’s travels by Jonathan Swift – the images of the several crossed lands, of the crossed seas, of the desired and feared encounters that have been condensed into two extraordinary hand screen printed books realised in 50 numbered copies. Along with that we will examine other artistic experiments carried out at ItaStra and the project that is being implemented now with the Association Pluralia. The atmosphere of the workshops will be recreated through photos and videos, words and music.

6 July, h 18.30, Santa Maria dello Spasimo

Un ponte tra culture. Il FAI racconta
/ A bridge between cultures. The FAI narrates

Fai_logo_Sicilia_PalermoEstablish ties” is the project that has seen the birth of the collaboration between Sole Luna Doc Film Festival 2018 and FAI, Fondo Ambiente Italiano, a nonprofit national foundation that has saved, restored and opened to the public, since 1975, important evidences of the Italian artistic and naturalistic heritage. FAI works throughout the Italian territory also thanks to a solid network of volunteers organized in over one hundred local delegation that promote a culture of respect for nature, art and Italian traditions, in order to protect a heritage that is a fundamental part of our roots and our identity. On this occasion the Palermo FAI Delegation, under the leadership of Sabrina Milone, will talk about the Spasimo, putting it in relation with its history and its context, the one of the Kalsa, in order to deepen the knowledge and appreciate its characteristics of uniqueness and richness. “FAI a bridge between cultures” is one of the projects that the foundation supports.