Before My Feet Touch The Ground

Befor My Feet Touch the Ground_2Regia | Director: Daphni Leef
Fotografia | Photography: Johnathan Pihotka
Montaggio | Editing: Tal Shefi
Produzione | Production: Cassis Sratim

Israele, 2017, 78’, v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Hebrew with English and Italian subtitles



July 2011, a young Israeli video editor named Daphni Leef decides to protest against rent prices by pitching a tent in the city center. Within a few days, a whole boulevard is full of tents because a modest protest against housing policy grew into a national protest movement for social justice. Daphni at first is combative and exuding an attractive idealism, she gradually becomes exhausted. As director, Daphni looks back on this turbulent period when she was transformed from a naive young woman into a celebrated and controversial national icon.

Screening: July 2nd, h.22.30, Giardino
Rerun: July 3rd, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino

Due Terre In Una

29- due terre in unaRegia | Director: Flaminio Muccio, Chiara Napoli
Fotografia | Photography: Flaminio Muccio, Chiara Napoli
Montaggio | Editing: Flaminio Muccio, Chiara Napoli
Produzione | Production: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Sede Abbruzzo

Italia, 2017, 40′ italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italian with English subtitles



Due terre in una tells the story of four couples. Vincenzo and Emanuela: she’s a second generation Italian and Indian of origin, he’s from Salerno. Emanuela spent her whole life wondering about her origins. Eugenio and Dora: they have been in a long distance relationship between Italy and Tunisia for many years and have decided to get married and live in Salerno. They have a daughter, Yasmine. Nihal and Aida: he’s from Sri Lanka, she’s from the Philippines. They both work as caregivers and managed to get the kind of life they are satisfied. Armando and Annie: he’s from Salerno, she’s from the Philippines. They celebrated their 31st year of marriage anniversary. The union of these people tells us a story of multiculturalism, of interaction and migration that turns into an exchange of life, history and tradition.


Screening:July 6th, h.22.30, Giardino
Rerun:July 7th, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino

Los ofendidos

StillLosOfendidos4300dpi_smallRegia | Director: Marcela Zamora
Fotografia | Photography: Álvaro Rodríguez
Montaggio | Editing: Andrea Bilbao
Produzione | Production: Andrea Bilbao

«In the Salvadoran civil war, my father and thousands more were captured and tortured by the State. These are some of their stories. When I turned 33, my mother told me that my father, during the Salvadoran civil war, had been captured and tortured for 33 days by the National Police. Two years later, I had the courage to ask him and other men and women about those days. These people do not ask for revenge, all that they ask is to know the truth».


Screening:July 4th, h.22.30, Navata
Rerun:July 5th, h.10.00-13.00, Sala Giardino

MA’OHI NUI, In The Heart Of The Ocean My Country Lies

MAOHI NUI photo 01Regia | Director: Annick Ghijzelings
Fotografia | Photography: Caroline Guimbal
Montaggio | Editing: Caroline Guimbal
Produzione | Production: Iota Productions

Belgio, 2017, 112′ francese con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / French with Italian and English subtitles


Tahiti, French Polynesia. Between the runway of the International airport and a small mound of earth lies a district called ‘Flamboyant’. Over there, one says “district” as not to say “shantytown”. French colonial history and thirty years of nuclear tests have filled these districts with an alienated and tired people. Today the Ma’ohi are a subordinate people who have forgotten their language. Yet something survives, something tenuous, hidden, almost invisible, which resists erasure. By confronting the Ma’ohi spirit with its history of nuclear tests and its fractured existence, the film shows the face of contemporary colonisation and the vital impetus of a people trying not to forget themselves and who, silently, are seeking the path of independence.


Screening:July 6th, h.22.30, Navata
Rerun:July 7th, h.10.00-13.00, Sala Giardino

Men speak out

17264338_1404082972946319_78180389976874403_nRegia | Director: Benjamin Durand
Fotografia | Photography: Benjamin Durand
Montaggio | Editing: Geoffroy Cernaix
Produzione | Production: GAMS / GSARA

Belgio, 2016, 26′
francese e inglese con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / French and English with talian and English subtitles

«Excision is above all an act of male domination». To respond to this fact, to provide solutions and to engage men in a fight that concerns them, different associations work together. In a sort of road movie, the film follows the “Men speak out” project since its implementation until its conclusion: three men are trained as “peer educators” in the fight against female genital mutilation. The film tells the process of meeting and sensitization that the three men undertake in three different countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Screening: July 5th, h.21.00, Giardino
Replica: July 6th, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino

Nimble fingers

Regia | Director: Parsifal Reparato
Fotografia | Photography: Parsifal Reparato
Montaggio | Editing: Armando Duccio Ventriglia
Produzione | Production: Nacne

Italia, 2017, 52′ vietnamita e muong con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Vietnamese and Muong with Italian and English subtitles


Nimble Fingers belong to the Vietnamese women who work in factories owned by some of the most popular electronic brands. Bay is one of the thousands of young migrant workers. She comes from a remote Muong village on the highlands of Northern Vietnam. Now she lives, with the other workers, in a Hanoi suburb. These workers’ life strictly follows the rules of the great industrial park of Thai Long. Bay comes back to her native village during Tet’s festivity. Returning to the countryside is the occasion for Bay to think about her condition. She comes to see a detachment between her life as an industrial worker and her origins, a symbol of a bigger transformation which belongs not only to Bay, but to her whole generation. They all live the passage from the rural life to the industrial exploitation of the city.


Screening: July 5th, h.21.00, Navata
Rerun: July 6th, h.10.00-13.00, Sala Giardino

Sidney & Friends

EPSON scanner image

Regia | Director: Tristan Aitchison
Fotografia | Photography: Tristan Aitchison
Montaggio | Editing: Tristan Aitchison
Produzione | Production: Tristan Aitchison

Scozia e Kenya, 2017, 75′ swahili e inglese con sottotitoli in italiano e inglese / Swahili and English with Italian and English subtitles

Sidney grew up in rural western Kenya. He didn’t like wearing skirts or doing chores that girls are traditionally supposed to do, preferring herding cattle and playing football. Sidney was born intersex, but Sidney only knew he was different. Growing up, he found these differences increasingly made him stand out in the community, a source of concern to family members that manifested itself into chastisement, castigation, and hate. When Sidney fled from his family’s prejudice, he was forced from slum to slum, stripped in public and beaten. His life changed when he eventually met a group of transgender friends. For the first time in his life, Sidney was no longer alone.


Screening: July 6th, h.21.00, Giardino
Rerun: July 7th, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino

Singing With Angry Bird

SWAB_Still_2Regia | Director: Hyewon Jee
Fotografia | Photography: Hyewon Jee
Montaggio | Editing: Wonjung Bae, Hyewon Jee
Produzione | Production: Sunah Kim

Corea del Sud, 2016, 57′ inglese, hindi, coreano e marathi con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / English, Hindi, Korean, Marathi with Italian and English subtitles


A popular Korean opera singer started the Banana Children’s Choir in Pune, India. His quick temper earned him a nick-name “Angry Bird”. Frustrated by the lack of support from the parents, Angry Bird decides to train the parents to sing for a joint concert with their children. Probably the toughest challenge of his life. A journey full of tears and laughters.

Screening: July 7th, h.21.00, Navata
Rerun: July 8th, h.10.00-13.00, Sala Giardino

Sea Of Sorrow – Sea Of Hope
Still 1_1.283.1Regia | Director: Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga
Fotografia | Photography: Estephan Wagner, Simon Plum
Montaggio | Editing: Estephan Wagner
produzione / production: Magic Hour Films

Danimarca, 2018, 29′ arabo, inglese e danese con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Arabic, English and Danish with English and Italian subtitles


Manal lives in Syria with her three children. A run-in with ISIS leading to death threats forces Manal to flee the country. She leaves her children behind, thinking they will be able to reunite, once she has reached Europe. However, after 10 long months in Denmark, she learns that she cannot apply for family reunification for another three years. Manal decides to save her children. With the help of a smuggler, the children embark on the long journey from Syria to Denmark. The Red Cross sends her photographs of drowned children, asking if they are hers. After 9 long days, Manal learns that her children have survived and are in prison in Turkey. She has no choice but to arrange yet another hazardous attempt to cross the sea.


Screening: July 2nd, h.21.00, Giardino
Rerun: July 3rd, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino


shootball_frame_02Regia | Director: Fèlix Colomer
Fotografia | Photography: Joan Torruella, Arnau Espejo
Montaggio | Editing: Fèlix Colomer
Produzione | Production: Forest Film Studio

Spagna, 2017, 94′ catalano e spagnolo con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Catalan and Spanish with English and Italian subtitles


Manuel Barbero, father of a sexual abuse victim, and Joaquin Benitez, the pederast who abused the son of Manuel and 20 more kids, are the main characters of this documentary. The director of the film approaches these key figures of this story through a work of journalistic investigation. For the first time, a pederast speaks and confesses with his face uncovered in a documentary.

Screening: July 5th, h.22.30, Giardino
Rerun: July 6th, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino

Solo For One hand

Solo for One Hand_pic2Regia | Director: Pavel Jurda
Fotografia | Photography: Jiří Zykmund, Jiří Strnad
Montaggio | Editing: Jiří Fiala
Produzione | Production: Gnomon Production s.r.o. and Czech Television

Repubblica Ceca, 2017, 26′ ceco con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / Czech with English and Italian subtitles


The film tells the story of a pianist, Otakar Hollmann, who was wounded into his right arm during the WWI. After the war, a number of musicians had to leave their careers due to injuries, but not Hollmann. His passion for music convinced Leos Janacek to compose a piece for left arm pianists titled ‘Capriccio’, which also became an anti-war manifesto. The documentary is based on biography of Otakar Hollmann and his correspondence with Leos Janacek and it features contemporary artists, including Japanese one-hand pianist Yasuya Segawa as well.


Screening: July 4th, h.21.00, Giardino
Rerun: July 5th, h.15.00-18.00, Sala Giardino

Strike a rock

StrikeARock-Press20 - Credit Duško MarovićRegia | Director: Aliki Saragas
Fotografia | Photography: Aliki Saragas & Andreas Georghiou
Montaggio | Editing: Khalid Shamis
Produzione | Production: Uhuru Productions

Sud Africa, 2017, 84′ inglese e xhosa con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano / English and Xhosa with Italian and English subtitles


After a massacre shakes their poverty-stricken mining community, Marikana, two grandmothers lead their community in a historic fight for justice. In an intimate story where the personal becomes political, how will they take on Goliath-enemies and make their voices heard?


Screening: July 3rd, h.21.00, Navata
Rerun: July 4th, h.10.00-13.00, Sala Giardino