Be’jam be et cela n’aura pas de fin

BE JAN BERegia | Director: Caroline Parietti – Cyprien Ponson
Fotografia | Photography: Caroline Parietti – Cyprien Ponson
Montaggio | Editing: Alix Lumbreras
Produzione | Production: Les Obliques
Francia e Svizzera, 2017, 85’, v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/ v.o.with Italian and English subtitles

In collaborazione con /In partnership with  Festival International du Film Insulaire de l’île de Groix

In Sarawak (Borneo), “the ones who live upstream” are the first affected by deforestation. The Penan, (ex) nomadic hunters, are caught in the eye of that storm: how to go on living when one’s entire world is being taken apart, when the landscape, which brought meaning to existence, literally disappears and with it language, customs and the spirits? The film, carried by the song of those who refuse to give in, draws the lines of resistance of each one to that deadly fight. It tells of the intimate interweaving of a sweet and secret way of life with the fight which rages in the shadow of the big trees.


Screening: 5 July, h 22.30, Spasimo / Navata

Le Ministre des Poubelles

MINISTRE DES PUBELLESRegia | Director: Quentin Noirfalisse
Fotografia | Photography: Adrien Kaempf, Quentin Devillers
Montaggio | Editing: Marie Estelle Dieterle
Produzione | Production: Dancing Dog Productions
Francia e Belgio, 75’, v.o con sottotitoli in inglese e italiano/o.v. English o.v. and Italian subtitles

In collaborazione con / In partnership with  Institut français, Palermo

As his country heads towards high-risk elections, Emmanuel Botalatala, the Minister of Garbage of Kinshasa (DR Congo), enters the last portion of his life. Having sacrificed everything for his art, he stubbornly tries to carry on with his work and secure his legacy for future generations.


Proiezione: 4 July, h 21, Spasimo / Navata

I Corti di Animaphix
In collaborazione con / In partnership with ANIMAPHIX International Animated Film Festival, Bagheria, Sicily

Journal Animé

journal_anime_coverRegia | Director: Donato Sansone
Animazione | Animations: Donato Sansone
Montaggio | Editing: Donato Sansone
Produzione | Production: Autour de Minuit
Francia, 2013, 3’


Day after day, Donato Sansone deconstructs the pictures printed by the French newspaper “Libération”. From this artistic repossession of current events emerges a new vision, ironic and nonconformist, of our planet… what is it that isn’t quite right?

Kaputt / Broken – The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck

broken_thewomensprison_still2_300dpi copyRegia | Director: Volker Schlecht, Alexander Lahl
Animazione | Animations: Volker Schlecht
Montaggio | Editing: Volker Schlecht
Produzione | Production: Max Moench, Alexander Lahl
Germania 2016, 7’, v.o. con sottotitoli in Italiano | o.v. with Italian subtitles


Gabriele Stötzer and Birgit Willschütz were political inmates at Hoheneck Castle, the most notorious women’s prison in East Germany. Their story is one of overcrowded cells, despotic hierarchies, ruthless daily lives, and the enduring effects of incarceration. Most of all, however, it is about the crushing pressure of forced labour. Prisoners at Hoheneck have manufactured millions of tights, bed sheets, and other products for West German retailers, bringing enormous profits to both sides of the Iron Curtain. Part of the young animadoc tradition, the seven-minute film couples original audio interview extracts with abstract, monochrome animation.

Beti bezperako koplak / Couplets for an Everlasting Eve

Beti bezperako koplak_2Regia | Director: Ageda Kopla Taldea (collective)
Animazione | Animations: Bego Vicario, Ibon Markaida, Kote Camacho, Arrate López Apellániz, Izibene Oñederra, Mariñe Arbeo, Oihana Leunda, Aitor Oñederra, Ximon Agirre, Jon Zurimendi, Xara Agirre, Irantzu Yaldebere, Andere Molinuevo, Iosune Etxarte, Malen Amenabar, Naiara Zuria Mauleón, Zaloa Ipiña, Alots Arregi, Roberto Zabarte, Jon Munarriz
Montaggio | Editing: Edu Elosegi
Produzione | Production: Lekuk Kultur Elkartea, Patxi Azpillaga
Spagna 2017, 5’, v.o. con sottotitoli in Italiano | o.v. with Italian subtitles

St. Agatha’s Eve is a deep-rooted Basque tradition in which people walk from house to house, accompanied by improvised verse-makers (bertsolaris), singing verses to the beating of long sticks. Building on this celebration, bertsolari Maialen Lujanbio composes a stark denunciation of gender violence. In verse after verse, she condemns the different manifestations of sexist violence and our inability to combat it. Based on these couplets, twenty young artists direct a collective-created piece, using different animation techniques.

Proiezione: 3 July, h 21, Spasimo / Giardino

Maredolce La Favara

MAREDOLCE FRAMERegia | Director: Davide Gambino
Fotografia | Photography: Bruno Bonafede
Montaggio | Editing: Davide Gambino
Produzione | Production: Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche
Italia 2015, 30’, italiano con sottotitoli in inglese| Italian with English subtitles

In collaborazione con / In partnership with  Fondazione Benetton Studi  Ricerche

The place that used to be an Arab-Norman garden has changed today in a neglected but still inspiring urban landscape. By telling past and present, Maredolce – La Favara is a film about the controversial path of the historical park in Palermo with a glance at its future, between agriculture and tourism, landscape and art. Produced by Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche for the “International Carlo Scarpa for the Garden Award 2015” cultural campaign.


Proiezione: 7 July, h 21, Spasimo / Navata