Fondazione Sicilia Awards

Sole Luna Awards

Premi della Giuria internazionale | Prizes awarded by the International Jury

Premio al miglior documentario in assoluto | Prize to the best documentary

€ 3.000,00

Menzioni speciali | Special mentions:

Migliore regia | The best direction

Miglior fotografia | The best photography

Miglior montaggio | The best editing

Documentario più innovativo | The most innovative documentary


Premio Giuria studenti liceali sezione DIRITTI UMANI| High School Students Award HUMAN RIGHTS section

Premio Giuria “I nuovi italiani” sezione CORTI | “News Italians” Jury Award SHORT DOCS section

Premio del pubblico | Audience Prize


All the winners will receive the Sole Luna Award inspired by the Sicilian jasmine (Jasminum grandiflorum), a migrant species.

The Sole Luna – A bridge between cultures Award, assigned by the Association promoting the festival, is an Artficial clone, created by scanning a jasmine, belonging to the Jasminum grandiflorum species, also known as Sicilian jasmine, printed in 3D and reproduced in corn fiber.