Futuru. An inside look of Palermo
regia / director Alessandro Albanese, Carlo Loforti
montaggio / editing Alessandro Albanese, Carlo Loforti
produzione / production Just Maria, Alessandra Borghese
Italia 2018, 32′
v.o. con sottotitoli in inglese / o.v. with English subtitles
audiodescrizione per non vedenti – italiano / audio description for the blind and visually impaired – Italian

From 1992, year of the mafia massacres, to 2018, year in which Palermo was the Capital of Culture and the seat of Manifesta 12, the city seems very changed. But, is it really changed? The documentary, taking inspiration from the articles of the most important newspapers in the world, wants to offer a reflection and analyse through many voices the state of the things of this change. Change, yes! But is it a real change or a chimera? Hence the narrative ploy used by the directors in telling the apparently too optimistic vision of Alessandra Borghese, creator of the documentary, and the more cautious thought of Igor d’India, video maker from Palermo.


Ospitare la mobilità. La rivoluzione della Carta di Palermo

regia / director Martino Lo Cascio,Antonio Macaluso
fotografia / photography Antonio Macaluso
montaggio / editingAntonio Macaluso
produzione / productionComune di Palermo,Associazione CulturaleNottedoro
Italia 2016, 37’italiano / Italian

The documentary introduces some aspects of the migration issue through interviews with key informants and eye witnesses in the field of migration and scenes of the everyday “living together”. Beyond the easy clichés and the alarmism of the media, the transformation and evolution of the phenomenon in the concrete experience of the stakeholders and practitioners in the Palermo area is analyzed to promote the knowledge of the Carta of Palermo. This document is appreciated and studied everywhere in the world and our audiovisual summarizes the ideas, commitments, intentions and visions it contains.

Refugees Welcome Italia

presentazione del progetto a cura del team territoriale di Palermo / presentation of the project by the local team in Palermo




Refugees Welcome Italia Onlus (RWI) is a nonpartisan, non-profit association – founded in Italy at the end of 2015 and a part of the international network of the same name active in 16 countries. It aims to promote a cultural change in Italy and a new model of welcome the refugees through the hospitality in a family. The association, with a technological platform and a team of qualified professionals, puts the refugees in contact with people – individuals, couples, families – who wants to host them for a minimum period of six months. An experience of exchange and sharing at all levels, that aims to facilitate the social inclusion of refugees in our country. The aim of RWI is to promote a new model of local welfare that focuses on family care. In fact, RWI aims to create a cultural change starting from the thought that the hospitality in a family is the best way to promote social inclusion, contributing, better than any other intervention, overcome the status of vulnerability, passivity and discomfort typical of reception centres and can favour the personal potential expression, participation and the achievement of well-being. RWI therefore promotes a model of hospitality based on exchange, encounter and mutual knowledge between refugees and Italian citizens, which can contribute to fight prejudice and discrimination. The local team of Palermo, which has been active for about two years, includes a dozen operators constantly engaged in the promotion of the local RWI projects and of the matching process. Since the birth of the team, 7 cohabitations have been started and supported for a total of 9 guests in Palermo, mostly eighteen years old that left the refugee camps. Among the cohabitations started, some are now working autonomously; others have been concluded thanks to the fact that the guest has reached an autonomy path (Fb Refugees Welcome Palermo, e.mail [email protected]).

Attraverso i miei occhi

presentazione del progetto a cura di / presentation of the project by Associazione culturale Moltivolti
interviene / with Memory Mutanuka




The itinerary, promoted by the cultural association Moltivolti, is a tool to talk about a different world, where borders do not exist and consequently there are no problems related to them. We believe in a world of no-border travelers.
A walk in Ballarò district together with a migrant: it is a unique opportunity that puts you in the picture of seeing the city through his/her eyes, relationships, life story and his/her everyday life. Walking through the narrow streets and the “multiethnic” atmosphere, you will have the chance to share stories of migration and new identities, cultural exchanges, rights and dreams. We believe it is important to defend the right to travel as an inalienable right of every human being, the right to travel to find better living conditions or simply for pleasure and to enrich one’s life of experiences.