Parola chiave: Mambor

un progetto a cura di / a project curated by Silvia Jop, Kama Productions
in collaborazione con / in cooperation with Patrizia Speciale, Gianna Mazzini
con il patrocinio di / with the patronage Archivio Mambor
dialoghi d’Artista con / dialogue among artists with Andrea Satta
performance musicale / musical performance Andrea Satta, Giorgio Condemi

The Keyword Mambor project was born from the desire to create authentic moments of encounter between a total artist like Renato Mambor – who has long been confined to a single domain and in a single era – and four contemporary artists with different creative experiences. The documentary Mambor by Gianna Mazzini travelled through Italy: in Rome it was accompanied by the storytelling of the actor Fabrizio Gifuni, in Florence by the poetry of Stefano Dal Bianco, in Milan by the writer Emanuele Trevi and in Palermo, the last leg of the journey, by the music and words of the Têtes de Bois singer Andrea Satta. The cinema, a language capable of activating unexpected connections between times and places distant from each other, becomes in this context a generator of unexpected dialogues. An intimate and unprecedented look at the works and biography of Renato Mambor, artist of the Roman School of Piazza del Popolo, which is revealed in its entirety and in its singularity. A tool for revising the meeting will be a series of words with which the artists involved will dialogue with Mambor, speaking at the same time about themselves. The set of words collected will constitute an embryonic nucleus for a new small and, at the same time, immense rediscovered unity. Andrea Satta, frontman of the Têtes de Bois, always attracted by the arts that meet, by the unpredictable destiny of the mixture that springs from it, will sail among the artistic provocations of Renato Mambor. He will tell the communicative urgency he felt inside the work by Renato Mambor, through some songs.

Renato Mambor

regia / director Gianna Mazzini
fotografia / photography Paolo Panno
montaggio / editing Serena Pasquali Lasagni, Luca Orgiu
produzione / production PSM Produzioni
Distribuzione/Distribution Kama Productions
Italia 2017, 47′
italiano con sottotitoli in inglese / Italian with English subtitles

An intimate and inedited look at the works and biography of Renato Mambor, artist of the Roman School of Piazza del Popolo, as well as actor, author and theater director. Gianna Mazzini established a deep friendship with Mambor and her partner, Patrizia Speciale, following him for fifteen years, until his death in December 2014. It was Mambor himself who asked her for a documentary without music, and the extraordinary material collected and assembled in this film returns an unpublished portrait.