a documentary by Chiara Andrich and Giovanni Pellegrini
HD, 67 min, Italy 2013

Directed, photographed and edited by: Chiara Andrich, Giovanni Pellegrini; Sound: Kevin Pinto, Leandro Leal; Original music: Francesco Novara; Produced by: Sole Luna – Un ponte tra le culture; Executive producer: Lucia Gotti Venturato; Line producer: Valerio Moretti; With: Bunker Roy, Rosa Alfaro, Nicolasa Emiliana, Magaan Kanwa, Aguilar “Jeni” Llacna, Paula Marleni, Maura Mejilla, Bhagwat “Guruji” Nandan, Guman Singh; A project by: Barefoot College and Enel Green Power

Maura and Rosa, two illiterate women from a village with no light in El Salvador have just arrived to India to attend a course to learn how to make solar panels at the Barefoot College. These ladies had never left their families, they don’t speak English and it seems impossible they will learn. At the same time in South Peru Jeny and Paula, who have just come back from India, show that the Barefoot College is the place where the impossible is possible. They were just wives and mothers, now they have become solar engineers and they are traveling from village to village to bring the sun home.


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